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Ticket retrieval requests - Learn to respond with far greater success!

E-merchants place too much faith in the assertion that ticket retrieval requests for alleged fraudulent transactions (a.k.a. "cardholder not authorized") cannot be successfully diffused by online credit card processing merchants who failed to obtain a signature and/or manually swipe a physical credit card at the time of sale. But the reality is that there ARE times, cases, & instances in which such merchant account chargebacks CAN be reversed -- you just need to know what to look for and why. Members of learn how to detect which "fraudulent transactions" might be reversible or re-billable even without proof of a cardholder's signature! Learn to put fight chargebacks & put orders "back on the books" TODAY!

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Stop believing that quality disputes are a "no win" situation! Credit card processing banks teach their merchants to "just issue a refund" whenever a dispute arises. While such information may be applicable in SOME cases, it hardly represents universally good advice. Registered users of this site learn how to create rebuttal letters & packages that are PROVEN to REVERSE a significant quantity of quality dispute chargebacks. Review examples of REAL write-ups and learn more about how your correspondences are received & reviewed by the bank(s) involved!

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There ARE ways to save some sales lost to claims of fraud. We've seen merchants do so time after time and have even saved rebuttal letters & strategies for our users to download! Stop guessing how to reverse chargeback disputes!
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