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Members of ChargebackPrevention.Com learn how to avoid, defer, and BEAT reserve accounts before they happen! It doesn't matter if you've had a relationship with your bank for many years. It doesn't even matter if you successfully process hundreds of thousands -- or even millions of dollars worth of business annually without any stability problems... Regardless of its credit relationship & history, your company can -- with very little notice -- be required to keep $50..$60...even $100,000 or more in a "reserve" account for the bank to draw funds against for chargebacks! What so many companies fail to realize is that it's the clearing house "behind" your bank that makes the ultimate decision regarding whether or not to audit your recent credit card processor transactions and institute a reserve. Worse yet, it's often a designated "loss prevention" department -- trained to do little more than set up reserve accounts all day long --who fields the angry phone calls coming in around the clock from tired executives arguing about why they think they should not have to set aside any cash for a reserve. Credit card mechant account processing loss prevention managers are USED to listening to corporate folks whine relentlessly.  Think you have a special..magical... original speech that will be one of the VERY few good enough to convince them otherwise? Think again! The account representative who issues the reserve mandate is NOT interested very much in your banking history or relationship; Their decision simply boils down to a routine measurement of potential risk factors and, unfortunately, the methodologies they use for measuring such risk factors often seem unfair and even ridiculous. As a member of, you'll learn what to do when you receive that dreaded phone call or doomsday letter in the mail. Our goal is to teach members to maximize their bargaining power in a reserve situation and even how to reduce the size and/or the duration of an unavoidable reserve account.  Avoid being classified as a "high risk merchant" !! To see if you may be classified as a high risk merchant, click here. Don't wait until it's too late! Get the information you need to protect your company's revenue stream and become a registered member today!!!


As soon tomorrow, your merchant processing bank can "freeze" tens of thousands of dollars in credit card deposits and demand that they hold on to it for 6 months or longer. Can your company afford to have $50,000 or more suddenly "locked" away for up to one year? Think the bank wont do it? Don't kid yourself! Read your merchant agreement! It happens every day! Click here to register & protect your rights as a merchant!

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