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Not sure about the validity of a particular order?
Search our vast database of fraud reports to find out whether other merchants have already been visited by the same "iffy" customer! This members-only area enables users to store information about specific fraudulent names and account numbers that have been used in attempts to make purchases online. Other users benefit by comparing their own suspicious sales records with the information recorded in our database. If you're already a member, please log in to use this feature. Otherwise, SIGN UP HERE!

ChargebackPrevention.Com makes it easier than ever to reduce fraud by implementing the knowledge found in our merchant tutorials. Additionally, by matching names and other merchant account information submitted to you on suspicious order forms against the records logged in our fraud prevention database, you can avoid processing a bad credit card transaction before its too late! Whenever you're not 100% sure about the validity of a particular credit card transaction, compare your order records with the notes in our fraud database! Remember!: Members of ChargebackPrevention.Com can search our fraud records.. 24 hours a day!


Need even more help?
The Merchant Account Advisor provides an excellent resource to help you locate the right credit card processing service for your particular business. 

Get FULL & INSTANT ACCESS to our knowledge database TODAY and begin learning to reduce your credit card processing rates and associated fees! Stop guessing where the "bottom line" is and start learning how to control the costs of doing business. Lifetime membership is only $ 19
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