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Many of today's processing banks advise their e-merchants to issue credits whenever customers phone in with post-sale gripes. This lame suggestion is often the "best" advice merchant account banks can offer with respect to avoiding a "quality dispute" chargeback. But some e-merchants today simply do not believe the old adage which dictates that the "customer is always right" and, as a result, they want to have their side of case heard. In most cases, however, those merchants who "dare" to fight disputed transactions wind up wasting lots of valuable time only to lose the argument altogether. Business owners become especially disgruntled when they read consumer complaints transmitted via the cardholder's bank alleging poor service and/or quality when the business owner knows without any doubt that the cardholder's claim is either contradictory to the terms to which they agreed at the time of sale...or just plain inaccurate! It IS possible to REVERSE MOST QUALITY DISPUTE CHARGEBACKS-- but only if you know specifically which arguments to raise in your rebuttal!

Why rely on the mediocre advice of MasterCard & Visa when they hardly ever take your side? You don't necessarily need to implement a more lenient refund/return policy if you don't feel that it's warranted. Registered members of this site are provided with a more detailed, analytical explanation of their rights as merchants and how to utilize MasterCard/Visa's own credit card processing rules to dramatically improve their success ratio in reversing chargebacks.  We even go so far as to provide our registered users with examples of REAL rebuttal letters that have successfully won difficult disputes!


You CAN win quality dispute chargebacks! Stop being frustrated by merchant & cardholder banks that never seem to take your side. Learn how to push the odds of winning disputes in YOUR company's favor.
If you're tired of being bullied into giving refunds when they're simply not due, register to become a member TODAY!

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