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Did you know that a quick and simple phone call to your credit card processing bank can often reduce your discount rate? In certain instances, credit card processor merchant account representatives can even be convinced to make reductions retroactive! But just how low can your discount rate go...? Precisely which bargaining technique should be used to ensure that you sound knowledgeable and sincere when negotiating with your merchant credit card processing company over the telephone? Registered members of have the advantage of learning our proven methods, studying our research & data, & reviewing a number of success stories that detail instances in which rates were lowered dramatically after only a simple phone call or two! Without the benefit of our assistance, merchants often find themselves in situations analogous to purchasing a vehicle from a used car lot: they don't know precisely how to approach their sales rep, they're not sure where the true "bottom line" is and, as a result of such dissuading factors, they're probably NOT going to get the best rate possible.

Register your company for instant access TODAY and learn how to begin negotiating a lower discount rate. Even if your company only does $2,000/month worth of credit card transactions, a .40% reduction in your discount rate will save you $96/year in fees - more than the entire cost of lifetime membership! Add in the many other more valuable resources offered to members (i.e. tips for avoiding and reversing more chargebacks, etc;)...and it becomes overwhelmingly clear that your company simply can't afford not to become a member. For a one-time fee of only $ 19 - lifetime access is guaranteed and savings far greater than the cost of signing up are virtually unavoidable!!!

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We've seen e-merchants charged as little as 2% while others are consistently charged well over 3%. What many online businesses fail to take into account are the miscellaneous fees that often increase whenever discount rates are decreased.

Register your company for full access to resources designed to help you reduce YOUR rates across the board!

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