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Fight credit card fraud, reduce chargebacks, and win consumer disputes!

The reduction of credit card fraud & chargebacks is crucial to the success of any modern e-business. teaches our registered users how to fight credit card fraud, painlessly reverse merchant chargebacks, and even how to strategically reduce bank credit card merchant processing fees! The wealth of information available in our database has been derived from extensive experience with various merchant account banks, clearing houses, & numerous chargeback mediation sessions. Our expert advice goes far beyond the generic tips that processing banks give to their merchants while thoroughly covering ALL issues pertinent to chargeback resolution and bank fee reduction. The bottom line: Business members of ChargebackPrevention.Com save money by reducing their monthly fees while enjoying the reduced headaches that go along with a lower quantity of chargebacks.


How many unnecessary chargebacks does YOUR business endure each month? What percentage of your monthly sales is lost to exaggerated credit card processing fees? Even if your company has grown accustomed to an acceptable amount of periodic loss, you're still not immune to routinely grueling Visa/MasterCard audits and to the heavy fines and reserve accounts that penalize repeat offenders of excessive chargeback rates. Keeping your company's merchant record as clean as possible is as important as fighting fraud altogether. Our e-business experts have been processing credit cards and fighting fraud for a number of online companies since 1994. Become a member and start using our knowledge base to YOUR advantage!



Registered users enjoy access to information likely to save thousands
of dollars in unnecessary chargebacks & merchant banking fees. Lifetime membership is only $ 19 (a ONE-time fee!) and INSTANT ACCESS is guaranteed! Learn what it takes to genuinely combat fraud, win disputes, and reduce your monthly processing fees.
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