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Fight fraud, lower chargebacks, win disputes, and reduce merchant bank fees!
"If your company accepts credit cards simply can't afford NOT to be a member of ChargebackPrevention.Com"

The elimination of credit card fraud & chargebacks is crucial to the success of any online business today. teaches our registered users how to significantly decrease fraud, painlessly reverse chargebacks, and even how to strategically reduce credit card processing fees! The wealth of information available in our database was derived from extensive experience with various merchant banks, clearing houses, & numerous chargeback mediation sessions. NO OTHER SITE ON THE INTERNET TEACHES MERCHANTS THE TECHNIQUES PRESENTED HERE! Our expert advice goes FAR beyond the generic tips offered by processing banks and provides merchants with tools for chargeback resolution, processing fee reduction, and much more! The bottom line: Businesses who are registered with ChargebackPrevention.Com save money by reducing their monthly fees while enjoying a lower quantity of chargebacks and more time to devote to the business of making money!

How many unnecessary chargebacks does YOUR business endure each month?
What percentage of your monthly sales is lost to exaggerated merchant account credit card processing fees? Even if your company has grown accustomed to an "acceptable" amount of periodic loss, you're still not immune to the possibility of heavy fines and reserve accounts that are used to penalize companies "guilty" of producing routinely high chargeback rates. Avoid being classified as "a high risk merchant business". Keeping your company's merchant record as clean as possible is as important as fighting fraud altogether. Our e-business experts have been processing credit cards and fighting fraud for online companies since 1994. Become a member and start using our knowledge to YOUR advantage!

Do you need monitoring systems and services to help you handle and fight?
We offer a full suite of monitoring and protection software srvices to reduce "friendly fraud", fight and win most disputes and retrieval requests! The key to a succesful business is to monitor, protect and alert you to potential dispute and resolution notices. Some of the Features We offer Include: Full Service Dispute Monitoring and Alerts. Typically see a 50 to 70% reduction in cb ratios. Avoid getting Blacklisted, Match List or TMF. As a business owner especially a card not present retailer, effective monitoring, prevention, protection and elimination will reduce fees, risk exposure and increase your profit margins. Visa and Mastercard have strict rules when it comes to cb ratios and excessive returns. Anything above 2% of sales can have your account abruptly closed or cancelled. Learn Codes and Reasons for Most Disputes. We will provide the right management to respond with resolve letters and retrieval notices. We are experts and will reduce the expense and headaches associated with retrieval requests and dispute resolution letters. Suitable for both low risk and high risk merchant accounts. Let our gurus handle all codes, reasons and notices. We can offer you insurance to cover cbs. Learn about EMV and Liability Shift and how it can negatively effect your company. Our service will alert, manage and monitor your dispute resolution. Give the right response to questions and questionanaires from the bank and credit card processor. Avoid getting closed, shut off, or abruptly cancelled by the merchant account processor for having too high of a ratio. Have us represent and get your cb reversed during the appropriate time frame. Our specialists use a sophisticated management system to reduce and protect you from scams. Its time to fight back, contest, recover lost sales and win more disputes. We work with your existing credit card merchant payment processor and technology. Contest and win the most common reason codes including Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received, No Cardholder Authorization, Not as Described or Defective Merchandise and Cancelled Recurring Transaction.


Registered users enjoy access to information likely to save Thousands of dollars in unnecessary chargebacks & merchant banking fees. There are no setup charges and We only charge merchants a small monthly fee and FAST ACCESS is guaranteed! Learn what it takes to genuinely combat fraud, win disputes, and reduce your monthly processing fees.

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